And just like that we are back at school again……. again. Here we are almost 3 weeks in and doesn’t it feel great to have the kids back in the classroom learning face to face with their wonderful teachers. Especially following the last few days of online learning. 

The team here at CPS Dads & kids just want to pass on a big welcome back to all our return families and give a warm welcome to all the new families who are joining the school for the first time this year. 

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the new families moving tea last Friday and what a pleasure it was to be able to speak to so many parents who’s children are just starting their journey at CPS. It reminded me of those early weeks when my own kids first walked through those gates. I recall being just as nervous at drop off, and speaking to those new parents last week, they too had those same nerves. But I was also reassured in those early days by the strength of the community that surrounds the school and for me that was the main takeaway from today. Our community has only grown and thrived since my children began at CPS and I am so proud that CPS Dads & Kids has been able to play a part in that. 

As we move forward into 2021, and with COVID still looming in the background, it is more important than ever that we continue to support one another and look for opportunities to connect with our family and those in our community. CPS Dads & Kids will be here with you again this year, creating those opportunities and looking for creative ways to spend time with our kids. 

Stay tuned as we will update you here on our next event in the coming weeks. We hope you can join us. 

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