We hope you have enjoyed the school holidays. I am sure many of you are now looking forward to the kids returning to school for Term 4. And to add to the excitement, from 12 October, we will at last have the kids back on site and learning in the classroom.

We know that for many kids there are mixed feelings about a return to the classroom. It is important to remember that this will be a big adjustment for many children. Here are are few things we can all do to get ready.


Be the role model of success for your kids. A parents actions and words are hugely influential on the mindset of children. If we encourage positive thinking towards schooling it may just help to put your child’s feelings of nerves or anxiety at ease. 


Encourage the kids to reach out to their friends and classmates over the next week. Perhaps give them a list of things to find out from their friends. For example find out someones middle name, their favourite holiday place or favourite animal. Try to make it fun.


With next week being the last week of online learning for CPS kids, it is an opportune time to ensure you are ready for the return to classroom. Check the lunchboxes are ready, does the uniform still fit, are you familiar with the drop off location for your child’s class, are the school bags at the ready? Think back to your previous routine and maybe do a trial run during the week. If you are lucky enough to have the time, make the first day back a bit more exciting. Perhaps prepare some pancake mix the night before so you can feed them a super exciting breakfast on their first morning.


Try to get the kids outside wherever possible during lunch breaks and recess. This will help to get them back to the regular school routine.

We hope this is useful in preparing for the next couple of weeks.


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