We are father figures from all walks of life dedicated to creating opportunities to engage with our kids

This is who we are
Formerly known as FACE (Fathers and Children Engaged), the group was founded in 2012 by Terry McAleenan, a CPS father of two young children, with a vision to provide greater opportunity for all fathers or father-figures to engage with their children.

We have since changed our name to CPS Dads & Kids to better highlight our affiliation and commitment to the school community.

We have evolved into a proud and passionate group of fathers, dedicated to fostering stronger family relationships. We work together and with the faculty at Camberwell Primary School to run events for Dads and Kids as well as provide parenting ideas and support

We organise at least 1 event each term for Dads and Kid’s throughout the school year including an Annual weekend away at Camp. Additionally we arrange Dads nights at local venues to give fathers within the community a chance to meet up and enjoy a meal and a drink or two.

We also aim to provide a range of resources and tools, through our website, social pages and affiliations, that offer father figures ideas to engage with their kids through the school community and beyond.

CPS Dads & Kids are inspired by the belief that there is a strong correlation between engaged fathers and child well-being, and that many children’s lives have been influenced positively by their father-figures including fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles, older brothers, father-in-laws, school teachers, youth leaders, sports coaches, or family friends.

Our ongoing mission is to bring our community of father figures and kids together through events, webinars and learning platforms

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