This weeks post is all about the vital role of father figures in the lives of our kids. This role has a large impact on your child and helps to shape him or her into the person they become in later life.


This can mean different things to different families, from physical and emotional security to laying down the rules when needed or even breaking the rules a little. But most of all it, in what we at CPS Dads & Kids have seen over the years, it is simply about being present and connected. 


Over the past week, I have been been watching a few Ted Talks and I have come across a couple that I thought offered some fascinating ideas and thoughts on being a father in todays age. We thought we would use this weeks newsletter to share those with you


Dwight Stitt: One dad’s mission to rebuild bonds between kids and their fathers.

Glen Henry: What I’ve learnt about parenting as a stay-at-home-dad.

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