The team here at CPS Dads & Kids had a big couple weeks with our CPS community in February. The year kicked off for us with our first event of the term, held at the school hall on Saturday 29 Feb. With around 100 people joining us throughout the afternoon, from Foundation to Year 6. It was a great way to start the year. We were so pleased to be able to meet so many new dads, grandparents and one of our school Mums as well. 

The day started out with some inspired and creative paper plane design work as well as some sensational styling efforts. The competition was quite intense as Dads and Kids alike tested, tweaked and adjusted the aerodynamics of their carefully folded flying machines. 

As planes of all shapes and sizes took the air inside the school Hall, the CPS Dads & Kids committee was busy outside enjoying the sunshine and cooking up a delicous BBQ lunch for all our prospective paper plane pilots. With prizes on offer for the furthest flight, longest time in the air and most creative design, things really started to heat up. Planes of all sorts took off from the hands of very excited kids, with significant encouragement (and perhaps a little coaching) from the Dads on the sidelines and it wasn’t too long before we had our winners. 

We really loved seeing all the fun and laughter as the day progressed with new friends made for both Kids and Dads. Here at CPS Dads & Kids we are committed to seeing our school community grow and become more involved with our kids as they make their journey through primary school. Over the years we have seen the positive impacts that greater engagement with our kids school lives can have to a childs wellbeing both at school and at home. We are about creating stronger connections between kids and dads and the school community and we saw that in spades at our Paper Planes and BBQ Picnic event. A very big thank you to all those that attended and we hope to see you at our next event. 

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Your CPS Dads & Kids Committee 

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