A cool but beautiful winters day awaited us in the hills just outside of Melbourne for the FACE Dads Trout Fishing event held at the Australian Rainbow Trout Farm

We had a great group of families cast a line and try their luck in catching some fish in the various ponds made available by the facility. For some it was their first time fishing and the reactions were priceless as the kids made their first catch. A great mix of disgust and excitement sprang across their faces as they snagged that first bite. It was often quickly replaced with squels of “gross” as they grabbed their slimy, scaley and very wriggly fish.

With plenty of fish populating the ponds everyone was able to walk away with a great haul of fish for dinner in addition to some wonderful memories.

After handing in our fish for scaling, cleaning and bagging by the friendly staff, we lit the BBQ’s and brought out some snacks and drinks for the kids while the dads spoke of their ENORMOUS catches. 

For me it was a great chance to teach my kids a new skill as well as talk to them a little about the source of some of our food, followed by a little lesson in sustainable fishing. We also walked away with 5 good sized trout and a slamon that were enjoyed over the coming days on the BBQ at home. 

It was a really enjoyable day out and one I know my kids are keen to repeat.

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