We just wanted to send a quick message this week to acknowledge all the amazing work our kids have done over the past 2 terms. From our foundation kids, who have spent only a couple of short months adapting to school life, to grade 6, who are pondering what graduation will look like for them this year.  Every one of these kids has, in one way or another, shown incredible resilience and perseverance. As they return to school and their friends next week, we think it is important to take a moment to recognise their efforts.

We also wanted to recognise the work our wonderful teachers at CPS have been doing, adapting the learning programs to best suit these extraordinary circumstances. Teaching a classroom of kids over a computer screen presents a unique set of challenges. The team here at CPS Dads & Kids would like to express our thanks to all the teachers for their commitment and dedication to our kids education. 

Finally, let us say an enormous well done to all the parents out there. Home learning has thrown up many challenges for us as we adapted to kids learning from home while many of us also balanced working from home. It has been testing times for many families and whilst we are all happy to have our school open again, I think we may just miss the noise and craziness of the past few months just a tiny bit.

If you would like to take another look at our preparing to return to school edition from last week click here for details.

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